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Things to Know Before you go!

Here are some recommendations to ensure you have a
safe and enjoyable fishing trip!

If you are traveling from outside of the Daytona Beach area please call us the day prior to your fishing trip to confirm your reservation. Many factors are considered the day before a trip such as weather and sea conditions that may affect your reservation.

It is a good idea to eat a good meal and get plenty of rest the night before your trip. Hangovers, Summer Heat and/or Semi-Rough seas make for a very long day.

You will need to bring your own lunch and beverages or you may make arrangements to have something prepared for you at the Inlet Harbor Restaurant. Their hours are 11:00 A.M. till 9:00ish so please make arrangements the day before your trip.

You may also want to bring along sunscreen, warm clothes, Dramamine (for seasickness), and hand towels.

Sea Sickness- If you have ever been sea sick before or think you may become sea sick and want to take Dramamine please do not take it the day of your fishing trip, it's too late! In order for Dramamine to be effective it must be in your system prior to your fishing trip. Take small doses 1 or 2 days prior to your fishing trip and none the day of your fishing trip. It has been our experience that taking Dramamine the morning of your trip tends to make matters worse, 99% of the time you still get sick.   If you feel you are going to be sick, please do not use the head (restroom), go to the back of the boat. Doing this will help keep others from becoming sick. Besides, FISH LOVE A GOOD CHUM SLICK! Don't be embarrassed, we've seen big tough marines get sea sick:)

Please wear soft soled / non-marking shoes . Deck shoes or white soled sneakers are preferred if possible.

If you have never been Deep Sea Fishing before, it is a good idea not to touch or handle a fish that you are not familiar with. We have very experienced mates on board to assist you throughout the day.

Please help the mate keep the boat safe and shipshape by putting trash, cigarette butts, food, bait etc. in the appropriate place. In other words- Treat the boat as if it were your own!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a ten-year-old child, are they allowed to go?

To ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable trip we ask that you only bring children that are of age four and up. Also, please keep in mind that you may want to limit your trip to 6 hours or less when children are on board. In case you want to return to the dock, we will be much closer to shore on the shorter trips should you want to return early.
We have never been Deep Sea Fishing Before. Will someone show us how to fish and use the equipment?

Yes- the mate is there to assist you throughout the day. He will show you how to use your rod & reel, hook your baits and some common techniques for bottom fishing. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
What happens when we catch a fish?

When you catch your fish, the mate will unhook your fish and place it in the fish box.

What happens to the catch at the dock?

The crew will unload your catch and clean your fish for an additional fee. If you would like to have your trophy mounted please let us know so that we can make arrangements with the local taxidermist.

Do we need a fishing license?

No, we supply your fishing license, rod, reel, bait, tackle and safe transportation to and from the fishing grounds..

Do you guarantee we will catch fish?

There is a reason why they call it "Fishing" rather than "Catching Fish" ! However, we endeavor to employ the best crew in the business and they will do everything possible to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and productive trip. We strive to earn your business and keep our customers happy so that they will return to our docks year after year.  Is it customary to tip the crew? If so, how much?

Tipping should be based on the service you receive and rather than the amount of fish you catch. Hey, your the fisherman (person) right!
When deciding what to tip, you should consider the following:

Was the Crew Courteous?
Were they helpful throughout the day?
Did they answer your questions in a polite and thorough manner?
Were they attentive to your needs?

If yes.
Then it is customary to tip the crew 15% to 20%
based on your satisfaction with the service they provided.