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About Us

Now entering their third generation, the Nelson brothers grew up working with their father, Captain Paul Nelson II as mates on many of the most recognizable commercial and charter fishing boats in central Florida.

Captain Paul Nelson II began working in the charter business back in 1955 as a deck hand aboard the "Skipper" at Dave's Dock which is now known as Aunt Catfish. In 1964 he began working on the "Broad Bill" out of Inlet Harbor with Captain Ray Fulgham and Captain Bob Stone. After returning from the war in 1967 he began working for the Snow White fleet, which were the original charter boats out of Ponce Inlet. He eventually obtained his captains license and continued working aboard the "Snow White I" and "Snow White II" until 1973 when he moved to "Fisherman's Paradise" (aka Critter Fleet) where he still works today.

In 1972 he was joined by the first of four sons, Paul Nelson III who commercial fished aboard the "Snow White I". He earned $23.00 which he spent buying himself a new bike. Paul continued working through his school years aboard the old "Lucky Strike" with the late Captain "Big Dave" Dresser and Captain Tad Grubbs on the original "Finest Kind". In case that name sounds familiar, Captain Tad Grubbs is the father of Captain David Grubbs of the "Heavy Hitter". After graduating high school he continued to commercial fish with the late Captain Dix Harper aboard the "Debbie Harper".

After many years of hands on learning and experience, Paul became a charter boat captain after receiving his Professional Captains License in 1984. Now a Captain he continued working aboard the commercial fishing boat "Amanda K" before moving to the "Hooker" with Captain Billy Smitherman. In 1985 he began running his first charter boat which was the "Captain Bligh" out of the Sea Love Marina. After two years, Captain Paul II bought a boat called "Double Portion" which Captain Paul III ran with the assistance of his brother Mike Nelson until the fall of 1988. Mike received his captains license and took over the business while Captain Paul began assisting as a relief captain for his father and Captain Bob Stone at the critter fleet before he started on the Finest Kind II. He eventually purchased the Finest Kind II from Captain Tad Grubbs.

Since then Captain Paul has fished the waters off the east coast from the Dry Tortugas and the Caribbean to the Oregon Inlet in North Carolina. He has competed in many fishing tournaments with several individual first place finishes in the "Striker" tournament series including a third place finish in the "2001 Bahamas Billfish Championship" with a 515 pound Blue Marlin.

When not on the water fishing, Captain Paul and Captain Mike are serving their community as professionally trained Firefighters and Paramedics at the local fire departments in South Daytona Beach and Port Orange. After graduating the University of Central Florida, Captain David Nelson now teaches at a local middle school and fills in as the relief captain on weekends and holidays.

Youngest brother Mark fished with the family until he graduated from high school. He went on to graduate from F.S.U and is currently employed by the government.

Today Captain Paul Nelson III owns the "Finest Kind II" which he operates with the assistance of his two brothers Captain Mike Nelson and Captain David Nelson. The Nelson’s enjoy sharing their passion for fishing and their love of the ocean with their guest aboard the Finest Kind II. Spend a day on the water fishing with the Nelson’s and let them share with you some of the most productive fishing techniques on the East Coast. Meet new friends and take home some of your fondest “memories of a lifetime”.

A Quote from the Finest Kind Crew.

"Fishing is one of the most enjoyable past times that almost anyone can enjoy. From the very young to the young at heart, men and women, and people of all races and religions enjoy the sport of fishing. The beauty of the ocean and the warmth of the Florida sunshine make most every trip enjoyable. The mystery of never knowing what will be caught next draws people back again and again. On the Finest Kind II your enjoyment is our number one concern. Whether you are out to enjoy the ocean and catch a few fish or a lot of fish. We want your trip to be unforgettable."

- The crew of the Finest Kind II.